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  • Celebrities

    We consider a "Celebrity" to be an Actor, Musician, Comedian, Major Influencer, Pro-Athlete, Entertainment Venue, or Major Organization.

  • Exposure

    FANBASE is the first and ONLY calendar application that offers celebrities the opportunity to easily promote their public appearances or schedule at any given moment using our proprietary Tap-To-Promote Technology.

  • Why use FANBASE?

    FANBASE is not another social media toy. It's a promotional tool. If you're serious about building your brand, and a more personal connection with the your dedicated fans and followers, download FANBASE now.



Create and publish your public calendar. Gain exposure and get noticed.


Get "real-time" direct access to your favorite celebrity appearances. The future is in front of you!


Allow your Publicist, Promoter, Agent, or Personal Assistant to manage your public calendar.


Public Calendar

Exposure is everything when trying to build your brand. FANBASE offers our newest Tap-To-Promote Technology for staying connected to your fans and followers on a daily basis.

Sellebrity Store

Fanbase is the first app to offer an exclusive marketplace for Celebrities to donate their personal memorabilia. NOTE: 80% of all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Event Media

Customize your event or promotion and upload images or video right into the event. Even if the event has passed, you can go back and add them later for your fans to save.


Have to make a change to a time, date, or location? No problem. Fans will be notified immediately. They'll never miss an update or public appearance!


You can save events as a "Draft." The event will not be seen by the public until you're ready to publish it. Your Management Team will LOVE this feature. Your welcome.

Arrival Status

Keep your fans updated! Just click on the "Arrived" tab within the event, and your fans will immediately be notified that you've arrived at your location.


FANBASE is extremely blessed to partner with Country Legends Jed & Claire Seneca. Look for their new "Re-Ignited" album coming soon. Follow them on FANBASE and be the first to hear about their new upcoming release!



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